Help Docs ~ Server Monitoring

Alerting Integrations

Beyond email and SMS for your alerts.


Pingdom server monitor can perform an HTTP POST (a webhook call) when a trigger generates an alert.

Important note: Errors don't generate webhook calls — only alerts do.

The POST is performed with a single field, payload. The field contains the following JSON structure:

  "id": 999999,
  "time": "2012-03-05T15:36:51Z",
  "server_name": "Blade",
  "server_hostname": "blade",
  "lifecycle": "start", // can be [start|end|oneoff]  -- "oneoff" is for alerts generated internally by plugins
  "title": "Last minute met or exceeded 3.00 , increasing to 3.50 at 01:06AM",
  "plugin_name": "Load Average",
  "metric_name": "last_minute", // will be nil for alerts generated internally by plugins
  "metric_value": 3.5, // will be nil for alerts generated internally by plugins
  "url": "",
  "trigger":"Last minute meets or exceeds 3.00" // a plain-text description of the trigger condition. This will be null for oneoff alerts.

Enabling Webhooks

1. Go to account > notifications

2. Click "Add Webhook" under "notification channels"

3. Once the webhook is configured, add it to one more more notification groups

You can create as many webhooks as you need, and add them to any number of notification groups.


You can send PSM alerts to PagerDuty by adding a Notification Channel in the PSM UI.

Follow PagerDuty's guide for the details.


Scout can send notifications to a Hipchat room.

To send your alerts to HipChat:

1. In the Notifications Area of Pingdom server monitor, Click the "Add HipChat" button under "Notification Channels"

2. Provide your API token and the room name or ID

3. Add the HipChat notification channel to any notification groups you'd like notifications for.


Zapier glues together hundreds of online applications so they can talk seamlessly with one another. Think Legos for web services.

You can wire Pingdom server monitor alerts to any of Zapier's 200+ services. How about giving a shoutout in Google Talk whenever a Pingdom server monitor alert fires?


Zapier is a paid service, although they do have a free tier. When you're logged into Zapier, you'll see PSM Monitoring in the list of triggers:

Zapier will provide you with a webhook URL you can paste into Pingdom server monitor, along with instructions. Once your webhook is configured, you can wire Pingdom server monitor alerts to any of Zapier's many actions. A few ideas: sending a message in a HipChat room, appending to a text file in Dropbox, or showing an alert in Campfire.